BCSIR Laboratories, Chittagong established in 1965 under the name “Natural Drug Research and Development Institute (NDRDI)”, which was later renamed as BCSIR Laboratories, Chittagong. It is a multi-disciplinary unit of BCSIR and mainly concentrated on medicinal and aromatic plants research. Previously the activities of this laboratory were conducted into three major research disciplines namely (i) Botany (ii) Pharmacology and (iii) Chemistry. But now it is running with eight major research divisions viz. (i) Industrial Botany (ii) Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (iii) Soil Management and Agronomical Research (iv) Marine Biology and Aquatics (v) Chemical Research (vi) Industrial Microbiology (vii) Fruit and Vegetables (viii) Drugs and Toxins research divisions. Each division is headed by Scientists-in-Charge. In addition to scientific research under approved R & D projects of BCSIR, these laboratories are also engaged with testing of the imported raw materials, chemicals, water, food and food grains etc. referred by custom authority, port authority, WASA and all other public and private entrepreneurs and thus contributing a vital role to the industrial productivity and country’s economic growth.