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BCSIR Central Library is a compact Library with built-in-facilities to provide current awareness services up dated Scientific Information, Print and Electronic subscribed resources online linking through web support users through available online access and various services to Scientists, technologists, researchers, teachers and students. BCSIR Library is one of leading and richest library of the country in respect of its huge numbers of collections of various kinds of national international books, journals, research papers, scientific abstracts, thesis’s and scientific books of home and abroad. More than 50 thousand valuable books and documents in addition of BCSIR’s own publications, such as books, magazines, term papers etc, are presently available for researchers, scientists, students and teachers of different national & international academic institution including scientists working in this dignified national organization. Available facilities, location in the heart core point of the capital city, latest collections, publications and also valuable collection SCIENCE FINDER and ELECTRONIC SCIENCE DIRECT PLATFORM OF WORLD LEADING PUBLISHER ELSEVIER made BCSIR Central library as one of richest and only Scientific and research library of the country. This library is the active member of the INASP-PERI Consortium. Scientists of various organizations of home and abroad for their higher studies and research purposes used to avail available facilities of this library.

Resources & Services

  1. Available Access of Electronic Resources:
  1. Journals, databases and mixed packages
  2. American Astronomical Society
  3. American Chemical Society
  4. American Institute of Physics (including Acoustical Society of America)
  5. American Physical Society
  6. American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE)
  7. American Society of Civil Engineers
  8. Annual Reviews
  9. Cambridge University Press (CUP)
  10. Cochrane Library (Web)
  11. De Gruyter Online Journals (inc LIS)
  12. De Gruyter LIS Journals Collection
  13. EBSCOHost
  14. EBSCO Discovery Service
  15. Geological Society
  16. Institute of Physics Journals
  17. Institution of Engineering Technology (IET)
  18. International Forestry Review
  19. JSTOR (Inc Aluka and Univ o Calfornia)
  20. Mary Ann Liebert
  21. Optical Society of America (OSA)
  22. Royal Society
  23. Royal Society of Chemistry
  24. Royal Society of Chemistry Archive
  25. Sage
  26. SPE
  27. Springer Basic Package 1349 titles
  28. Springer Enhanced Package 1833 titles
  29. Springer Addis collection (institutional pricing)
  30. World Bank e-Library
  31. De Gruyter
  32. De Gruyter LIS books collection
  33. Project MUSE books
  34. Taylor & Francis eBooks
  35. Taylor & Francis E-book bestsellers (1,200 titles in 12 collections) (annual subscription)
  36. Taylor & Francis Europa ((annual subscription)

Electronic Science Direct Platform Of World Leading Publisher Elsevier

Daily updated research contents.

  1. Establish Electronic Subscribed Resource Links to the Users
  1. Inter Library Online Linking Through IP
  1. Print Resources:
  1. Science Finder (CAS) from the year of 1907 to 2009.
  2. Books of the Fields of Science & Technology.
  3. Foreign & Local Journals (750 Titles).
  4. Seminar Papers.
  5. Thesis’s .
  6. Foreign Language Dictionary, Chambers 21 Century Dictionary, Visual Dictionary, Scientific Dictionary, Difficult Word Dictionary, World Atlas and Chambers of Thesaurus.
  7. Specialized Collection in the field of information science and library studies.
  8. Support Multimedia, audio-visual services.
  1.      Photocopy Service :
  1. Bibliography Service:
  1. Current Awareness: